New iPhone X for $1..What You Get


iPhone X is a great phone to buy. It has become a status symbol to buy an iPhone X. Several people around the world have bought this amazing Smartphone. iPhone X has several new features. Let us have a look at iPhone X Pros.

Magnificent Edge-to-Edge OLED Screen of iPhone X

The most standout feature of the new version is the edge-to-edge OLED screen which according to the fans is “most stunning screen ever seen.” The idea of an edge to edge display has been copied from previous Android devices like Mi Mix, but the lack of originality didn’t stop Apple from creating a piece of beauty again.

Animoji Face Mapping of iPhone X

Animoji is animated animals that copy your words, expressions, and face movements using 3D mapping sensors in the front camera. These novel concepts prove why Apple is still on top of its industry. It uses DeepTech technology that scans your face and creates accurate Animojis simultaneously. Animoji can be saved and used just like emoji in Android. So basically, you get to create your own set of emojis.

The Future of Screen Lock of iPhone X

Face ID. Your smartphone unlocks at the touch of a finger? Cool. The new iPhone X can do that with a glance of user’s face. Apple’s unique Face ID uses the same DeepTech technology used for Animoji and is another example of Apple’s hardware & software matchmaking. The feature is yet to be adequately tested, but an ability to map the face of an individual is something we cannot resist.

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